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Watch our videos to get the most out of your new P's & Q's Computing Computer. 

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 Get To Know Windows 8.1

A great starter video, that will get you moving around in your new windows computer in no time flat.



How to use gestures with a mouse.

Windows 8.1 has great touch screen features.  Here is how to take advantage of them with your mouse.



How to use gestures with touch

Windows makes it so easy to get around, without having buttons taking up precious desktop space.



How To Video: The Charms

The charms hold the key to configuring your computer and Apps.



How to use the Start screen

Learn how to use the Start Screen and get around on your new computer.



How to organize the Start screen

Make your start screen your own.  View the things most important to you in the way you want.



How to personalize the Start screen

Make the start screen reflect your unique personality.



 How to use apps together

Do more by running apps side by side.



 How to use Microsoft account

 A Microsoft Account is very important for you to get the most out of your Windows Computer.  It will get you 10Gig or More Onedrive space, a free e-mail account, and will sync your settings to your other windows 8 computers, tablets and phones.  You can even sync your Desktop files, photos and documents to the cloud, providing an offsite backup and access to your files from other devices.



 How to use picture password

Learn to use picture password in this short video with voice over instructions.



How to use Internet Explorer

 Learn to use Internet Explorer in this short video with voice over instructions.  "I personally use internet explorer, modern interface.  I like how my entire screen is the page I am browsing, without all the extra toolbars and buttons."  - Lonny



 How to use the Devices charm

 "This was one of the most elusive features for me.  I found myself thinking where the heck do I print from these full screen apps?" - Lonny



How to use the Settings charm

Learn to access important settings.



How to use the Search charm

Search your entire computer and the Web.


 Windows 8.1 Update How To Video: Customizing Your Windows

Make your windows reflect your unique personality.